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Our faculty members are leaders in their field and committed to excellence in teaching and innovative research. They work collaboratively with students and prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

DoBA - Committed to academic and professional excellence

Every organisation faces a unique set of opportunities, risks and challenges. Therefore, while our approach to each customised program is different, our focus remains the same. We make a tangible difference by aligning our programmes to your business goals to drive effective change and make a lasting impact.

Custom programmes help create and drive the vision, values, and strategies that are unique and critical to your organisation.


Our live online programmes offer a high level of engagement through real-time collaboration and exchange of ideas among faculty and programme peer-network. ...

our blended learning online programmes combine asynchronous learning modules with interactive sessions for real-time collaboration and exchange among the faculty and programme peer-network.

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May 5, 2014

Business Faculty

Internationally qualified faculty is actively involved in first rate academics and applied research both on global and regional levels. They inculcate a sense of exceptional commitment in the students and the classroom setup demands them to bring out their leadership skills.
May 4, 2022

Research & Publications

There are countless hours of dedicated preparation by the faculty which include case reviews, writing notes, research papers and journals. SIBA has active research partnerships with international institutions, which facilitate faculty research and case development on an international scale.
May 25, 2022

Academic Events

The academic calendar is divided into Fall and Spring semesters of approximately 14 to 15 weeks each and summer sessions of varying length. The last week of the Fall and Spring semesters is set aside for final examinations. […]

About DoBA

Since its establishment, the Department of Business Administration (DoBA) has been the oldest and largest department of Sukkur IBA University. The department started its journey in 1994 in just two rented rooms and offered a diploma in business administration. Today, DoBA serves about 1,500 students and offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs. All programs reflect current academic standards and requirements, giving our students an edge in the job markets.

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Life on Campus

To cater to students' diverse interests, there are separate clubs for every program offered at SIBA

If you ask any student about life at SIBA, you will probably hear that it is high - pressure, speedy and relentless. Like any other top institution, the SIBA demands a lot from its students. Students at the SIBA find themselves striving to meet high expectations everyday. There are quizzes, reports, assignments, presentations, a lot of teamwork and no room for delays.


The best thing about taking a break and having fun at the SIBA is that it always involves everybody

While SIBA students are able to cope with a heavy workload and the stress it causes, they also know when to relax. The best thing about taking a break and having fun at the SIBA is that it always involves everybody - there is no concept of isolation. To cater to students' diverse interests, there are separate clubs for every program offered at the SIBA

Research centre

To become center of excellence and market leader in Asia with respect to Case based Research....

Sukkur IBA Case Research Center aims to advance case-based, integrated teaching and learning. The actively plays its role in the development of business cases on companies and organizations of different sizes and natures, from listed companies, MNCs, SMEs to NGOs and social enterprises.

SIBA Library

Sukkur IBA library possesses a collection of 40000 books and more than 20000 electronic books.

Library at Sukkur IBA is a world class facility for students, researchers and academicians. State of the art technology tools are being utilized in the library for maximum facilitation of the users. Qualified and experienced staff of the library remains engaged in providing proactive library services to library clients.